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We take on events as small as a child's first birthday party or as large as a full scale 500-person destination wedding and everything in between.


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The concept of Gem Events all started when I was attending a friend’s wedding. It was an out of town wedding on a Dude Ranch in Arizona. My friend did not have a planner for her event, and everything was very DIY. This being a good friend’s wedding, I wanted to be had helpful as I could be. I have always had a knack for hosting and planning events, so when I got there, I dove right in and started taking the lead on much of the setting up. Over the course of the weekend I had guests coming up to me, telling me "you should be doing this for a living". That’s when everything just clicked for me.

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Happy Monday! We're back for a new week of tips in collaboration with @houstoncateringconcepts! There's a lot of factors to consider when planning a socially distanced event, so anything you can do to simplify the party planning process goes a long way. By picking a theme, all the decor comes together and it becomes way easier!

It's time for tip 6 of our event tips with @houstoncateringconcepts! Many people are embracing the drive-by parade as a new way of showing up to celebrate your loved ones during social distancing! To make this even more fun, contact @gemevents to help bring them to another level. We can help design give-a-way bags, with toys or treats, for your guests as they drive by. (Matching with the theme of course!) This way you can just sit back and relax and enjoy your party with ease! * * * * #gemevents #eventplanner #houstonpartyplanner #letsplanaparty #birthdaycelebration #covidcelebrations #houstonbirthdaycelebrations #houstonbirthdayparties #houstonbabyshowers

It's day 5 of event tips with @houstoncateringconcepts! Today's tip is about entertaining safely, and sustainably, during social distancing. In an effort to keep things sanitary, many people are turning to disposable materials for parties and events. While this is a great problem solver, it also creates other problems too. Our solution? Look for recyclable or compostable disposables, or items made from recycled materials! * * * * #gemevents #eventplanner #houstonpartyplanner #letsplanaparty #birthdaycelebration #covidcelebrations #houstonbirthdaycelebrations #houstonbirthdayparties #houstonbabyshowers

I’m back for day 4 of event tips with @houstoncateringconcepts! Today's tip is all about decorating. Decorations are one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to celebrate a quarantine birthday. Balloons are my personal favorite to help bring colors and themes together. * * * * #gemevents #eventplanner #houstonpartyplanner #letsplanaparty #birthdaycelebration #covidcelebrations #houstonbirthdaycelebrations #houstonbirthdayparties #houstonbabyshowers

I’m on day 3 of our event tips with @houstoncateringconcepts! I’m following up yesterday's tip on individually packaged meals with another food-related tip! Consider letting guests serve themselves. A buffet style setup (when paired with foods that are individually plated or boxed) reduces face-to-face contact between your guests and servers. There are still lots of options for safe entertaining! What are some of your best entertaining tips? * * * * #gemevents #eventplanner #houstonpartyplanner #letsplanaparty #birthdaycelebration #covidcelebrations #houstonbirthdaycelebrations #houstonbirthdayparties #houstonbabyshowers

We're back with @houstoncateringconcepts for more socially distanced event tips! Today's tip is all about how to serve food at your event. We recommend considering individually packaged meals and desserts to make guests feel extra safe! * * * * #gemevents #eventplanner #houstonpartyplanner #letsplanaparty #birthdaycelebration #covidcelebrations #houstonbirthdaycelebrations #houstonbirthdayparties #houstonbabyshowers

We're so excited to share that we've partnered with @houstoncateringconcepts to share some entertaining tips for socially distanced events! Stay tuned for the next two weeks for a new tip each day! Our first tip is all about activities! A party is always extra fun when you can create something new with your friends. Our suggestions? Create a cocktail together: Rather than have everyone pour their own drink, choose one (or several) to make together. Learn something new, like an easy old-fashioned to expand your horizons. Send out instructions to friends for your preferred platform (Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.) along with a specific time to log on. Create a virtual scrapbook: Ask everyone involved to email a favorite photo along with a brief memory, then upload it to free services like @canva, for a virtual keepsake they can have forever. What activities do like to incorporate into your events? * * * * #gemevents #eventplanner #houstonpartyplanner #letsplanaparty #birthdaycelebration #covidcelebrations #houstonbirthdaycelebrations #houstonbirthdayparties #houstonbabyshowers

πŸŽ‰ Teaser Alert πŸŽ‰ I have been working hard the past few months on some really exciting new projects! I just can’t wait to share with everyone in a few weeks! β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ #gemevents #eventplanner #houstonpartyplanner #letsplanaparty #birthdaycelebration #covidcelebrations #houstonbirthdaycelebrations #houstonbirthdayparties #houstonbabyshowers